Monday, 5 August 2013

Credit where credit's due

I recommend the following blogs, which I found particularly helpful when researching aspects of The Greatest Hoax on Earth:

Todd's Blog
by Todd Wood (President of Core Academy of Science and formerly Associate Professor of Science at Bryan College)
By far the best creationist blog I've come across.

Naturalis Historia
by Joel Duff (Professor of Biology at the University of Akron)
Writings about science and Christianity, including some great entries on creationism.
Letters to Creationists
by Scott Buchanan (a chemical engineer)
Features a series of long letters addressing many of the same issues raised in The Greatest Hoax on Earth.
Eye on the ICR
by an undergraduate student named Peter (!)
An entertaining refutation of everything produced by the Institute for Creation Research (a rather strange undertaking, but I'm in no position to judge given I've started a blog just to comment on a relatively obscure creationist book published back in 2010...).
by Paul Zachary "PZ" Myers (Associate Professor of Biology at the University of Minnesota Morris)
A blog about evolution, which often discusses creationism (unfortunately in a rather strident manner).
The Panda's Thumb
A blog about evolution, which features pieces from various scientists (this one also tends towards stridency).
by James Hannam (author of God's Philosophers: How the Medieval World Laid the Foundations of Modern Science) and others
Entries range across religion, science and history, including some on evolution and creationism

And the customer reviews of The Greatest Hoax on Earth on Amazon are also an occasionally useful place to obtain information on the issues raised in the book:
Interestingly, Sarfati himself appears to comment on some of the reviews:

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  1. These blogs are also often worth a read:
    Sensuous Curmudgeon

    Questioning Answers in Genesis appears inactive now but the material can still be read. Three of these bloggers are Christians who reject YEC-ism on scientific grounds (probably theological grounds too). And there's also the - run by a 'Dr Tertius' (who is ill at present); the same anonymous but knowledgeable person reviewed Sarfati's book under the pen-name 'One Who Learns Online'.

    (None of these are by myself.)