Monday, 4 August 2014

The End

This final post provides links to what I think are the best of my previous posts:

My overall review of Jonathan Sarfati's book The Greatest Hoax on Earth:

The problem that I, as a Christian, have with young-Earth creationism:

Pretty solid evidence that the Earth is billions of years old:

Two examples of how young-Earth creationists struggle to come up with a workable alternative to evolution:

Some in-depth assessment of one part of the book and of Jonathan Sarfati's use (or rather misuse) of scientific sources:

Thanks for reading.  Whatever your position on evolution or creationism I encourage you to continue reading critically (i.e. not just material in support of your point of view).


  1. Congratulations on providing such a fair-minded and balanced review. I would just add that science is a self-correcting enterprise, so when mistakes and misrepresentations appear in the scientific literature they are detected and usually corrected. And it is important to note that those corrections are invariably made by other scientists. In contrast, mistakes and misrepresentations made by creationists such as Sarfati linger on in books where they impress their target audiences who lack the background or interest needed to detect the errors. That is why detailed book reviews that expose the shortcomings are very valuable, so again, well done.

  2. Another embarrassment for deceptive Dr Sarfati (my last two [posts here):